That's the sound of my teeth chattering.. It's really cold here!!

I'm happy I get to bust out my coat after carting around with me for almost two months, but wow, I forgot what cold is like!

I bought these American Apparel Disco Pants yesterday, I had been deliberating about them for almost a year back home but the price and the thought that they'd look terrible on me held me back. 
They are however about $50 cheaper here so I gave them a try and they are surprisingly comfy and flattering.. I usually feel super self conscious in tight fitting pants but these are totally fine!

Everything else is thrifted. 

Too cold. That's enough. 

Back in our cosy warm studio, I was having a good hair day despite the winnnnd doing its very best to mess it up!


  1. You are beautiful!

  2. Hhahaa, cold and amazingly beautiful! Can't believe that awesome coat is thrifted, gimmmeeee!!!! :D


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