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"A travel wardrobe is personal. It will change from trip to trip. It is a condensation of your regular wardrobe, not a separate entity. After all, you’re still the same person whether you’re at home or far away, and you’ll want familiar garments with you. Never cut your gear so close that you leave your personality behind.”- excerpt from Wife Dressing: The Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty (1959)

So the countdown is on - less than 2 weeks until I leave cold stormy Melbourne and touch down in hopefully-somewhat-warmer Los Angeles for our 2 month and 27 day trip!

I don't think I could be more excited, we have been waiting and saving for this for what seems like forever and now the final weeks of waiting are upon us!

Of course, my head is abuzz with all of the things that need doing (vaccinations, pet care, money stuff..) and naturally I have been trying to work out the most important part first - what clothing am I going to bring with me??!

Being the over-planner that I am, I have of course already thought about this. In an effort to leave as much extra space in my suitcase (in case I just happen to pick anything up!) but also not be left completely without options I have devised a totally mix-and-matchable, multi-season 24 piece wardrobe (not including accessories).

I was inspired by the lovely Annika's awesome mix and matching skills, and basically decided I would take double the amount she usually uses, seeing I'll be gone for almost 3 months. 

Here is my initial wardrobe plan, via polyvore so some pieces are representative of the actual item:

holiday packing list #1

I've already made a few changes, and I'm sure there will be more to come. 
As you can see I've kept to a colour scheme of grey, black, white, yellow, red and denim, with a few brown accessories thrown on for good measure. 

I'm excited to see how this goes - I am a person who doesn't really like wearing the same outfit twice, so this is going to be pushing it a bit for me and I would still like to try and retain a bit of vintage style but I think I can do it!


  1. Oh, how exciting!

    I totally recommend packing less than you think you need. Take a few items you can mix and match, and ones you know you can wear without any issues for day and night. You will always pick up something while travelling!


    1. I am going to try my best, but I just know I wont be able to resist throwing in a few extra things in the end haha.. I'm sure I'll pick up a few somethings though, so I really need to make sure I have some room in my suitcase!

  2. SO envious!

    When I went on holiday last year (we were only gone two weeks - to the gold cost) I took all pieces that could go with each other. In my case I took 4 dresses with shades of blues, cardians with shades of blues, tights ect. I was pretty over blue when I got back but everything always matched. I also took way less than I normally would have taken and was so glad I did. As Teresa pointed out - you will always pick stuff up while travelling.

    Have a blast!

    1. Yes, I really think that's the way to go.. I'm hoping I won't get too sick of this colour scheme, because thats pretty much the colour of half my wardrobe haha.

      Oh we will!!


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