vintage lace and burnt orange

I promise I am still here, but to be honest we have just come out of the most ridiculous heat wave and it basically just killed all of my drive and energy, not to mention made it incredibly difficult to put together a decent outfit.

I am SO excited for Autumn, I can not even tell you.

Today was a little cooler so I busted out some very Autumn-appropriate garb for work. I felt very late-sixties which is always good, and just a tad inspired once again by Orla Kiely A/W 2013.. Although my office is nowhere near as stylish as that lovely one her models got to work in!!

(Having a rest with my friend lens-cap - taking photos on my own is tiring!)

I am wearing a vintage shirt borrowed from my sister, a vintage dress from Fancy Treehouse, belt from Supre and my trusty Windsor Smith brogues!


  1. I wish we were having heat waves! Its been snowing here! and taking pictures on your own is the worst , I wish I had my own little photographer! :P love your outfit btw! xx

    1. Haha! I wish it would snow!!
      I usually have my boyfriend helping but I'm trying to do it myself a little with the help of a new tripod and camera remote.. so much harder than I thought though!!
      Thank you x

  2. Your shirt is amazing, especially the collar ! Is it vintage ?

    1. Thank you! I believe it is.. although I stole it off my sister so who knows really ^_^

  3. Dawwwh, such a lovely whimsical combination :) it reminds me of that Tavi Gevinson for Wren video! You look smashing, and I love yr pastelly hair.
    Betti xx

  4. What a lovely outfit, I love your hair color. You're right It's definitely tiring.


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