make this - magnetic event count-down

As I briefly alluded to in my very first post, my boyfriend and I are saving up for a big overseas trip at the end of the year.
We are obviously SUPER excited about it, but since we have been planning and saving for this trip since mid last year, there have been times when it's just seemed too far away, too much money etc etc..

To be honest it was getting us down a bit thinking how long we had to wait (and the mundane day to day stuff we had to deal with in the meantime), so I decided to create this super easy countdown to help pep us up a bit!

The best part about this (apart from the glitter, of course), is that it's magnetic and so is stuck right on the front of our fridge where we can see it every day!

This could be a great way to count down to any event - birthday, christmas, wedding - basically anything that is exciting and important enough to want to get psyched up for!

You will need the following:

- thin cardboard
- craft letters (these can be bought from pretty much an craft store that sells scrapbooking supplies)
- Mod Podge or another strong glue
- different coloured glitter or paint
- stick-on magnets (I got these off ebay in a sheet, just search for "sticky magnets" or similar)

All you do is punch out the letters and numbers that you need, decorate them with glitter/paint/paper/washi tape etc. 
Stick them onto your cardboard pieces and cut to shape, then stick the adhesive magnets onto the back.
And you're done! If you wanted you could even decorate the cardboard and leave the letters plain..

I keep my spare number magnets on the side of my microwave (which is on top of my fridge) and just change them out each time we start a new month.

Easy peasy :)

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